The general incorporated association of The Kids Sports Exchange established on January, 2015th.
The purpose of The Kids Sports Exchange is to contribute to make the world which all people can live fullfiling lives, not only in Japan but also all around the world. With many activities using sports, the organization grows the sound mind and the body, builds the vital societies, tells the clear value of sports.
Main Activities
(1) The plannings and managements of the sports exchange for kids.
(2) The researches about the sports exchange for kids.
Specific Activities
[ Planning and Management Projects ]
The sports have a common “language” such as “fair play” and “teamwork”, which is understood in all over the world. So it can be a basis to create the relations among people, that the sports are recognized as the “power” cross the borders of the languages, nations, politics, religions, and races. The Kids Sports Exchange is planning to use this “language” and “power” of the sports for international exchange of kids.
[ Researching Project ]
Although the international exchange with sports is generally thought to be an important experience, the effects themselves are not declared enough. The Kids Sports Exchange researches its own international exchange and tries to define the effects of international exchange.
About the organization
[ Name ]
The Kids Sports Exchange

[ Office location ]
Masatoshi MUKOYAMA's office
Ryutsu Keizai University Faculty of Health & Sport Sciences
120, Ryugasaki, Ibaraki, #301-8555, Japan

[ Establishment ]
January 5, 2015

[ The representative director ]

[ Contact ]
Tel : +81-297-60-1362    E-mail :
[ The representative director ]
- Ryutsu Keizai University Faculty of Health & Sport Sciences Associate professor.
- Former Japanese representative rugby player.

He has experienced many international stages such as Japanese representative bice captain, Japanese A representative captain, exchanges for rugby to New Zealand and England. In commission, he actively concerned with the supports of the international exchange with sports. After 2009 of the retirement, he is working on the practices and researches of the international exchange and cooperation with sports.

[ Director ]
Keiji USHIYAMA   - GENEQ Corporation

[ Director ]
Fukuo SHIGETA   - NTT Com Solutions Corporation

[ Taiwan Representative ]
Tatsuaki IKEDA   - Hsuan Chuang University

[ Taiwan Adviser ]
Chen Chia-Hsin   - Chinese Taipei Rugby Union

[ Supervisor ]
Hiroyuki INOMATA   - Inomata Accounting Firm

[ Legal Advisor ]
Kenta KOMATSU   - Lawyer